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It is the ability to prioritize the common good through daily actions that generate well-being for oneself, other people and Mother Earth.

To solve the global problems we face, we have to adopt sustainable lifestyles. To achieve this we have the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 of the United Nations and the national plans of each country.

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More information on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030:


In order to advance the SDGs and ensure their sustainability, it is essential that the new generations develop Active Empathy for Life. For this, it is essential to have Mother Earth as an ally. Who better than life herself to teach us to value and care for her.

It is with this goal that SDG 18 is born, promoted by a group of entrepreneurs from civil society. SDG 18 contains the spiritual dimension of the human being, the sense of oneness and interdependency with our surroundings, that leads us to modify our conduct and practices in favor of a more peaceful, united, prosperous and sustainable world. SDG 18 is rooted in the 17 official United Nations SDGs and helps us have a holistic approach towards them.


Children have the right lo love life and feel loved by life.


Mother Earth needs to be known, loved and cared for so that she can take care of us.


Humanity has the responsibility to develop Active Empathy for Life in the new generations to achieve sustainable development.



✔ Target 18.1

    Promote Active

    Empathy for Life globally.


✔ Target 18.3

     Value and empower new       

     generations as agents of

     change for sustainable



✔ Target 18.2

    Value the rights of nature, of

    Mother Earth, and local,

    ancestral and scientific

    knowledge that cares for her.


✔ Target 18.4

    Promote the 17 United

    Nations Sustainable 

    Development Goals

"I believe all children have the right to grow in contact with Mother Earth and develop Active Empathy for Life"

- Jane Goodall ( Listen to the audio here )

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