My dear children,

my precious seeds,

within you lives the love, creativity, will and perseverance

that the world needs

to live in harmony as a great family.


You have the right to grow up with me.

To drink my pure water, breathe my clean air and eat from my fertile soil.

To enjoy my colors and scents and to say thanks to your sister plants for what they give you.

To live in the company of animals, to learn from them and care for them as brothers.

To hike my forests, climb my trees and mountains and to listen to the silence in my deserts.

To run barefoot on my grass, sand and shores of crystalline waters.

To dive, splash and swim in my rivers, lakes and seas.

To cool off with the breeze and dance in the rain.

To stand on your head and see my smile in a rainbow.


I have the right for you to grow up with me.

That´s how you will get to know me,

enjoy, love and protect me,

bond with life and my diversity

and become good-hearted adults.


And the day will come

when you tell your children

that finally human beings learned to live

having the same impact on their environment

as the bee has on a flower.

And when they hug you,

you will look at the sky and see in a twinkling star a wink of pride from me to you.


Mother Earth


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